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We welcome you to El Aventurero and RideMexico.

In Mexico, there is magic. As one ventures deeper into the less-traveled, more remote regions of this vast and delightfully large-hearted region of the world, a vague experience of having been charmed begins to settle in, dissipating awkwardness (if one is inexperienced in the language), uncertainty, or hesitation. Those travelers who may have some trepidation about traveling in Mexico will find themselves involuntarily softening; and those previously-held trepidations will transmute into new and understanding mind-sets; and the enchantment will take over.

Inexplicably, the land and the people of the Sierra Madres; the laughing eyes of the Mexican rancher; the shy and sweet "Cuira" of the Tarahumara; the music of the "Norteño," and the ethereal splendor of the Copper Canyons welcome and embrace the visitor.

To travel in Mexico, to visit the lovely village of Creel, a potpourri of international liveliness, to acquaint oneself with master horseman and guide, Norberto Padilla, and to embark on a journey aboard one of his remarkable Spanish Barb/Mustang horses is to add depth and dimension to one's heart. It is not a journey to be missed. It will be filled with surprise and reflection. It will change the way you think about yourself and those with whom you share this world. You will spend your days in rapture; your nights under the stars will bring a sense of wonder to your imagination.

Buen viaje!

Norberto Padilla
Susan Shields
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